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DOFD dispute or ?


DOFD dispute or ?

I had major mortgage problems few years back, refinanced and change my habits to rebuild and live within my means ...on my EQ & TU still are reporting my mortgage like below

30 days late

3 times (Feb 2006, Jan 2006, Sep 2005)

60 days late

2 times (Dec 2005, Oct 2005)

90+ days late

1 time (Nov 2005)



is the DOFD 9/2005, because it was earliest date and shouldn't this drop 7 years after ie now? or will each month moving forward drop a late reporting for each month? is this one big baddies because it is consecutive months?and reality how much is this hurting only baddie on rmy eport? thanks ....EX already dropped all of the above



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Re: DOFD dispute or ?

Actually the DOFD doesn't actually come in to play on this as it is not a charge off.  The lates will fall off 7 years from their respected dates.

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Re: DOFD dispute or ?


DOFD has only one purpose in credit reporting..... it's needed by the CRAs to calculate the exclusion date of a reported collection or charge-off.

It has no relevance to the exclusion date of any monthly delinquency.


Additionally, DOFD is not necessarily your date of first account delinquency.  It is the date of the first delinquency in the most recent chain of account delinquencies that immediately preceded a reported collection or charge-off.  Accounts with a prior first delinquency have their DOFD reset once the account is brought back into good-standing, and a new chain of delinquency begins.

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