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DOFD on Comcast and Credit Protection Asso

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Re: DOFD on Comcast and Credit Protection Asso

If you ever want to cut through all of the cr*p in your abbreviated consumer CR, and get THE DOFD that is is your credit file, here is how you do it.

This does not mean that the DOFD in your credit file is accurate, but it does tell you the date the CRA must use to calculate CR deletion.


The FCRA provides the right to a consumer, at any time, to request the CRA to "clearly and accurately disclose to the consumer, all information in the consumer's file at the time of the request...."   FCRA 609(a)(1), and to additionally request the "sources of the information..."  FCRA 609(a)(2).  

 This is not a request for a consumer credit report, it is a direct request for information in the consumer's basic credit file.

The only hitch is that such requests require, under FCRA 612(f), payment to the CRA of a processing fee.  That fee is currently $10.50.


The information relating to DOFD is clearly identified in the FCRA.  It is clearly mandated by FCRA 623(a)(5) to have  been supplied to the CRA within 90-days of any CO or CA referral.  Once reported under the mandate of FCRA 623(a)(5), it is stored in your credit file under the "FCRA Compliance Date/Date of First Delinquency" in your credit file.

So it must be there, and the CRA must tell you what it is, and the source of its reporting.


So, in brief summary, just file a request under the umbrella of FCRA 609, identifying the information you seek as being the required reporting of the DOFD mandated by FCRA 623(a)(5), the source of that reporting, and of course, that nasty check for $10.50 in compliance with FCRA 612(f).

Then, accurate disclosure of the hidden DOFD, along with identification of the party who reported it, is required.




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