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If I'm correct, the clock starts ticking for reporting a debt on the date of first deliquency.  But none of the CRA show the date on the reports.  How can you find this out?

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Re: DOFD!!!

Yes, you are correct.  Those are only available from those reports directly from the CRAs or


Only EQ has a DoFD, TU and EX have removal dates.

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Re: DOFD!!!

DOFD only pertains to the date that is used to calculale the exclusion period for a reported charge-off or collection.

A debt, if unpaid, can be reported at any time.  If the debt was reported by an OC, it does not become excluded based on any time period.

However, since a collection must be excluded after 7 yrs plus 180 days from the DOFD, if the only reporting of the debt was by the debt collector, it will become excluded from your credit report.


Reporting of DOFD is only required once a CO or collection has been reported.  The party who reported the CO or collection has 90 days after that reporting to provide the DOFD to the CRA.  If you dont have a CO or collection, DOFD is meaningless, and most likely will not have been reported.


Do you have a reported CO or collection that triggered the requirement to report the DOFD?




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