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DSX design scam

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Re: DSX design scam

Hi I'm a newbie on myFICO forum. I also was scammed byDSX Design. I paid the annual $79 membership fee to get a primary tradeline for $5,000 but never got the tradeline afterall :/ Do you know any companies besides myjewerlyclub who offers tradelines even AU doesn't matter.

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Re: DSX design scam

Yes this is true. I applied back in Augest 2019. Got approved for 5000 after paying downpayment. Never heard from them again. Their phone is invalid, Website doesnt exist anymore. No one to call. They did jumpship and ran. 

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Re: DSX design scam

Same same here!

I received my items but I also got my bank to refund me the 79.99 I had paid. Thank goodness. Never again will I pay for a tradeline.


Starting score 501
Current Score eq 586 tu 584 ex 566
4 revolvers Amazon Sec Store Card $150
Boscovs Store $250
Williams Sonoma store $250
Indigo $300
carmax auto loan 10650k bal past lates now current
3 navient student loans 2400 tot bal current
Lots of CO and items in COL
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Re: DSX design scam

I was gonna apply for this card also glad that I didn't but I do feel sorry for the people who took a loss smh

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