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DV or PFD on Collection that JUST went on reports???

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DV or PFD on Collection that JUST went on reports???

So, I lost my job in September 2009 and cancelled my ground line phone service with AT&T.  They sent me a bill for the remaining balance of $50.10 which I failed to pay.  I am now getting letters from a collection agency - Southwest Credit.  The collection just recently showed up on my credit report.  It's only being reported by the CA, not the OC.  I'm a little confused on what I should do. 


Do I send a DV letter to the CA?  I still have mobile service with AT&T so should I just call to see if they will accept the $50.10 that's owed?  If they do accept it, will the CA be required to remove the collection from my reports? 


If the OC cannot accept my payment, I know that I'll have to deal with the CA.  But should I send a DV if I already know that the debt is legitimate?  Or do I just send a PFD? 


I searched for this but there are so many posts and so many answers that I didn't know which would be the best way to handle.  Thanks in advance for your help!



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