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DV response year later.

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DV response year later.

A DV which I had sent almost an year ago, I got a response now. All I got was a Bank Statement. Is this a valid response?


After my DV the entry was deleted from my CR's. Now with this it has reappeared, after the response. What should I do?



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Re: DV response year later.

A statement might be all they need to send if it contains all the information necessary to indentify the original creditor, the account and an address for ther OC.

Yet, I would send them a letter stating that what they sent you does not constitute debt validation and you are immediately filing complaints with the FTC, the BBB and the AGS - should they not stop collectiong efforts until the can provide proper debt validation per FDCPA 809, you will alod consider filing suit without further notice.

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Thank you MyFico!
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