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Dealing w/Hunter Warfield

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Re: Dealing w/Hunter Warfield



I would like as much detail as you could provide regarding Hunter Warfield Inc. I just got off the phone with them and they claim they will not delete the record from my credit report if I pay the balance in full. If you know a possible workaround that would be great.


Thanks in advance.



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Re: Dealing w/Hunter Warfield

I tried negotiating with them the offerred $980 on a $1300 collection. They also offered verbally to PFD for the full balance but would not put either offer in writing. Good Luck.
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Re: Dealing w/Hunter Warfield

The company is very hard to work with when it comes to settling or negotiating debt owed, depending upon whom you talk with they will agree to PFD for the full balance nothing less and will not put it in writing, what you have to do as means around that to ensure they comply with the agreement, is get the name and direct contact information for the person that has agreed to the PFD for the full balance and set a specifc date when you will pay the balance. Prepare a letter, addressed to the person you spoke with documenting the terms and conditions agreed upon, the PFD, fax it into the office and state when you have agreed to make the payment. The key is to make sure you pay the amount in full by the date you agreed and thereafter payment, state to the company per the letter you sent and conversation with the named person on whatever date, Hunter Warfield will delete the adversary acocunt off your credit report. In addition, if you have trouble getting them to comply with their agreement, then you start filing a BBB complaint to address the issue.


One of the issues I had when dealing with this company was the fact they agreed to a PFD with the debt management company I was working with but never provided the offer in writing and when I called to confirm, they denied the PDF agreement. I did settle with them to close the account but it was tedious getting them to accept my offer. In addition, the original creditor was unaware we'd settled and didn't know the account was paid almost a year prior. The company had to address the remianing balance they were showing as a result of the settlement, they didn't know Hunetr Warfield was taking settlements, nor if I should pay the remaining balance owed. After talking with the original creditor, they forgave the owed balance but had a present issue with Hunter warfield for not asking their permission to settle nor informing them payment was made and they questioned how many other accounts did they perform a settlement with.

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Re: Dealing w/Hunter Warfield

I have not received any written notices from this company.  Today I got a phone call at my home, on my cell phone and at a company I no longer work for. I don't know what this is for and I am wondering if I should send a DV letter and make them show me some proof of my debt.  I am not sure how to handle this one.  ANy thoughts would be great.

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Re: Dealing w/Hunter Warfield

If this is your first contact with them, then yes, send a DV.  It would be considered timely and would impose the bar on collection activities until such time as they verify the debt.  It should also provide you with information as to how to handle it.

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Re: Dealing w/Hunter Warfield

I did an online dispute and it came right off from all 3 CR's

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Re: Dealing w/Hunter Warfield

langinjoe wrote:

I did an online dispute and it came right off from all 3 CR's

Impressed and shocked, as they are a pain in most peoples rear. Good job



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Re: Dealing w/Hunter Warfield

There is a reason this company is called HUNTer WARfield...

My husband received a call, but he doesn't speak english well. So they called me, and when I didn't answer because I was at work, they immediately called my sister. All within 5 minutes. 

When I did return the call, the woman on the phone, Victoria, seemed nice. When I started describing what the situation was and how I in fact did not break my lease for the office made a mistake and acknowledged that I would not be charged if I moved out of the apartment early, she completely dismissed that I said anything about the lease and was telling me how 'human' she is and understands. Then went on to tell me that does not allow me to break my lease. She asked me to read again to her what it states in my lease. 

Then I asked if it was possible for them to take me to court for this, or vice versa, and she said yes but you'll have to pay court fees (and all that other stuff, I can't remember her exact words). I decided to keep the information in my lease to myself and seek a lawyer, and when I stated this she yelled, "oh come on!" Then said, "I'm putting in the request for court." AND HANG UP.

I called again and a woman named 'Sarah' answered and when I asked to leave a message for Victoria (who apparently left the office 5 minutes ago) she said, "Mrs. Hassaen, really? Is that necessary." When I asked again who was on the phone she made me sound ridiculous for thinking it was Victoria (but I never said that). I just asked again to leave a message and she said fine. I said that I would like Victoria to know that when she said she would like to be be courteous and not cut in while she spoke she would give me the same common courtesy, and didn't. And that I did not appreciate her hanging up in my face. Then 'Sarah' started to blow up on me and I asked for a manager.

John Smith answered the phone and after talking for a long time said he would take this seriously. Yet he never asked for her name, so I reminded him of this and he said, "yes it's right here, Laura" then I said no, and he said, "okay, Victoria Davis."

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Re: Dealing w/Hunter Warfield

Hey there,


I too dealt with this horrible company.  My post is very long, but I wanted to share the link in case anyone wanted to read it. 


Good luck.

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Re: Dealing w/Hunter Warfield

Just got mine deleted after 5 years!!
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