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Debt Collection (RCVL PER MNG) While deployed need help!

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Debt Collection (RCVL PER MNG) While deployed need help!

Hi i just saw my credit report is it said i had a amount i owed to tmobile of $184 and i had cancelled my account before i left for my deployment ( im still currently deployed) i had called tmobile and said that they could not help me and directed me to call the collection agency above Receivables Performance, to fix the inquiry. I ask the guy if i paid it off if it would be taken off my credit report if i did and he said no but its better to pay it off now and dispute it with the credit bureaus about it when im back from my deployment and say i was deployed and had no knowledge of an amount owed as i did not receive no notifications about the delinquent account, and i didnt.

sorry if this is long im really frustrated about this i dropped from a 726 to 630 and im trying trying to get a new car for my when i get back i dont when to get a bad interest rate because of this. and any help is appreciated thank you

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Re: Debt Collection (RCVL PER MNG) While deployed need help!

Do you feel you might owe the money?


I am not sure what the best path for you to proceed....


If you owe the money, pay it directly to TMobile, if you can.  THey usually do not turn down a payment.


Then you can send a goodwill letter to the collection agency and ask them to remove the collection.   They CAN do this.   Disputing it with the Credit Burueas may or may not work.  Usually not.


When you get back, wait a little bit on the getting the new car.   Adjust first....get your finances in other things to raise your crdet score (pay off balances, etc).


I really hope that the CA will remove the collection.


Thank you for your service.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Debt Collection (RCVL PER MNG) While deployed need help!

I called T-mobile first and they said that i had the account cancelled  on the 11th  of June and payed the last bill for the cycle which ended in the 16th, but had told them to wait till the 18th to completly cancell my account for some odd reason im not sure i don't remember. I guess it is my fault but I don't understand why they didnt tell me i would get charged just because of those 2 or warned me alteast that i would owe an amount if i did end it on the 18th. After speaking with them they said they could'nt do anything else for me but to pay the CA and i called and  explained it to CA and he said that this happens to alot of people, i asked if i could pay for delete but he said he could'nt do it or his company doesn't allow it. I payed the 184 dollars and he said i could dispute it and explain that i was deployed etc.. saying it worked for other military personell that had the same issue as me, but i have to wait till i get that letter stating i paid the amount in 30-45 business days and bring it up with them with it.. I hope this explains more of my situation!


thanks IOBA for the reply! 

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Re: Debt Collection (RCVL PER MNG) While deployed need help!

Immediatly go see or e-mail your JAG. Under the soldiers sailors relief act you are protected to an extent from collections until 6 months after your deployment. You JAG should be able to give you all the details. Or you can google it and learn but JAG is probably your best bet.

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