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Debt Validation

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Re: Debt Validation


llecs wrote:

stoopidmunkee wrote:

I have a few quick questions on the best way to write or send out an DV sorry If I didn't read this full thread to get ideas, but I came across a site that had sample letters and I wanted to know you're guys opions on which would be the best one to send out?

To opine on the letters, both you posted have been posted in here before. I used to use the latter one in the past. IMO, both are legally and factually incorrect. A CA doesn't have to provide all of that info like payment history or agreements between the OC and CA. IMO, these letters are cookie-cutter letters and CAs laugh at them now because they are used so many times. There is a forum I troll from time to time that is for CAs only and every now and then they'll comment about these letters. Some of their comments are funny. I believe the best results come when you customize a letter starting with the paragraph in the first post of this thread. Add to that info that might pertain to your state like a detailed accounting. YMMV based on where you live. The letter would sound more credible and treated a little more seriously. It would sound more legalistic and might lead to an assumption by the CA that you are working with an attorney.


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Re: Debt Validation

OK so I am new on this forum as of today and I have done a good amount of reading. 


1) I have several collection accounts that I paid on full in 2012.  They show up as $0 owed.  It is my understanding that these entries can still stay on my report even though they have been paid.  Correct?

2) I have several collection accounts that have not been paid at all from 2012.  It seems that my next step is to send a DV letter?  Do I send one letter for each debt?  Do I wait a period of time before sending the next one or send them all at once and hope they don't complete all the investigations in time?


What I am understanding from all these posts is that I want the CRA to miss one of the technicalities in the law so that I can get one/all of these entries deleted.


Please give me some advice.  I have been reading on here about what to do and some of this information is confusing.



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