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Default judgment Asset Acceptance

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Default judgment Asset Acceptance

I had a bank of America student credit card back in 2003. I defaulted on it and was sued by asset acceptance in Jan 2010. I was such a dummy, I went to court and just set up a payment plan with them of like 35/mo. Well, later that year I lose my job and miss a few payments. I call the atty that I make payments to and she said they were trying to start garnishing or something like that. She puts me on hold for a while and comes back and accepts my payment. I have SW and I see the judgment on my credit report. When I look at the court record the case was closed. Can someone explain to me what does this mean? If they filed this default judgment then why are they letting me still make payments. This default judgment was filed in 2011.

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Re: Default judgment Asset Acceptance

They sued you 7 years later? What was sol in your state? Did they properly serve you?
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