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Delete collections from credit report!

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Delete collections from credit report!

If you pay the original creditor on a debt can the collections agency place it as paid in full even though the payment was not sent to them? If they do is it possible to file a dispute with the credit bureaus with a copy of the receipt attached for them to delete it? I am trying to figure out how to get these debts deleted from credit report completely! Any solution is helpful!!!

The collecting CA’s are listed below:

THE RECEIVABLE management services llc #52000439 (Progressive insurance) $202.xx

WAYPOINT RESOURCE GROUP LLC #48354** (Comcast) $385.xx
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Re: Delete collections from credit report!

Have you asked the OC's to recall the debts?  That would help.

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Re: Delete collections from credit report!

When speaking with Comcast they verbally said they would but my worry is that they aren’t giving me anything in writing of this agreement. Also after researching my question, other people have said they took this route and the CA kept the debt on there credit and updated as Paid.
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Re: Delete collections from credit report!

Comcrap has been known to recall the CA and known to say they will and dont. Flip a coin on hope it falls on what you called. Its a toss up.

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Re: Delete collections from credit report!

If you paid the original creditor, can you not dispute the collection that is being reported for the following reasons:


  • The account is settled
  • The account is closed

And provide a copy of the payment that you made to the original creditor?  

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Re: Delete collections from credit report!

If you pay the original creditor, there is no longer any remaining debt.

The OC must then notify their assigned debt collector that the debt is paid, which terminates their authority to continue collection on the debt.

The debt collector is then required, under FCRA 623(a)(2), to promptly update the balance on their collection to $0 and clos their collection.


Payment of the debt is not basis for requiring deletion of the collection; it only requires update to show closed, $0 balance.

In fact, the common credit reporting manual used by each of the big-4 CRAs, and incorportated into their reporting agreements with debt collectors, is that they are NOT to delete based on payment of the debt.   It is not basis for a dispute.


Deletion of a paid collection should be pursued via good will requests to the reporting debt collector.

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