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Denied Apartment

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Re: Denied Apartment

Sometimes I think it's more difficult to rent than buy. I see so many listings where the up front money could easily be the down payment on a home. There have been many times where we've thought....If we had that kind of down payment & that Credit Store, we'd buy our own home!

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Re: Denied Apartment

I went through this last year. Found a bunch of places I liked but credit was in the toilet (480-500s). Happened to find the posting for the apartment I ended up getting minutes after it was posted. I was super up front about everything as I knew he was going to run a credit check. I gave him an outline of which accounts I got that were delinquent along with if they were settled or had a payment plan in place etc. Gave him a ton of info and none of it was asked for. He was impressed and thanked me for my honesty. He told me most other people wouldn't be as up front about that stuff and was appreciative not to be blind sided during the credit check. Been here for more than a year and have never been late on rent and has ben a dream living here so far. Gave me the stability needed to fix my credit.



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Re: Denied Apartment

Sometimes I think it's more difficult to rent than buy. 

I know for me, my standards for renting out my unit are very high. If you are depending on rent to pay your mortgage and your tenant doesn't pay the rent, you could be in a world of financial hurt. But not every mom and pop landlord approaches their properties like this, which is why someone with less than optimal credit has a better chance of securing a rental with them.

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