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Denovus Group / Applied Bank PFD

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Denovus Group / Applied Bank PFD

I have an old  small charge off of 197 that is minimally impacting my score but i went ahead and paid it anyways because it's the right thing to do and I asked for a PFD.  I paid it through the collections company that Applied Bank referred it and the girl said they are authorized by Applied Bank to offer to delete tradelines in an attempt to collect payments.


So I "took" the offer and she said she will code it to Applied Bank as an offer where it was a PFD but she couldn't send any confirmation letter of a PFD.  Only that the account is settled.


Anyone have any experience in this?


I was gonna pay it regardless so deleting the tradelines would be a bonus, but just curious if it'll actually happen.  I already made it clear I planned on paying before we even looked into deleting it so I don't see why she'd lie. 

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Re: Denovus Group / Applied Bank PFD

I am sort of in the same boat.I sent a pfd to applied bank last week and i have received calls from Denovus. I haven't received a letter from them yet. I would really like to know if your tradeline was removed by settling with Denovus?

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Re: Denovus Group / Applied Bank PFD

follow up on this due to a PM.  They did delete the tradeline.  It took around 30 days for it to update. 

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