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Did Asset Acceptance reage the TL?

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Did Asset Acceptance reage the TL?

I was reviewing my EX report and noticed Asset Acceptance is reporting as follows


Status Paid, Closed

Reported Since 02/2013

Date of Staus 02/2013

Last Reported 02/2013

Monthly Payment  0


High Balance $904

Recent balance NA

Recent Payment NA


Payment history lists C for collection for 2/13


EQ and TU both show reporting Since 06/2009


This account was paid in 02/2012.


Whats my next step?

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Re: Did Asset Acceptance reage the TL?

Not as far as I can tell.  They would have had to change the DoFD to re-age.  The DoFD isn't reported by EX but there should be a drop off date.

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