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Did I just screw up?

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Did I just screw up?

Soooo, December of 2018 I started at a Experian FICO of 498. After lots of reading and money, im at a 644 thanks to everyone on this forum.

I think I screwed up though. I had an old charged off green Dot bank card. I called customer service and spoke to a supervisor trying to get a PFD. They said it's against thier policy, but I can pay the charge off, and dispute the account. I paid the charge off and they updated the status to paid, and closed the account within a few days. I disputed the account, and now they updated the account status as paid, but now the payment history for the month of April was changed from closed to failed to pay.

2 questions
Will this hurt my score?
If so, can it be fixed?
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Re: Did I just screw up?

Sometimes disputing an accurate listing can backfire. Most of the time the CSR doesnt know what they're talking about. If you can make copies of the before and after comments on the account. I'd call and explain the situation and ask for a fax number to send to them to have them update it correctly.

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Re: Did I just screw up?

DIsputing things can have adverse affects like this and this is why it should be reserved for things that are reporting incorrectly. If a creditor wont grant a PFD disputing it even it they say to do so isnt going to change anything. If the account was PIF in March than this reporting of FTP in April would be incorrect. You would want to use the direct dispute to correct it. Once the account is corrected you want to just leave it alone so it can age in Ficos eyes. To try and get it removed now would require a GW letter.

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Re: Did I just screw up?

Thanks for the responses! I actually paid the bill back in February. I'll send them a direct dispute. Does any one have a good email?
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Re: Did I just screw up?

I suspect the FP (Charge-off) will have an impact on your score as a recent derog remark. For what it's worth, I paid a Green Dot Platinum account which had been charged off but ended up paying in full, and then wrote a GW letter to their EO a year or so after and they deleted the tradeline. So if at first you don't succeed, give it another shot later!

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