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Dillards AU did report

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Dillards AU did report

Just want everyone to know, because I was looking for it. I was added as an AU to my MILs dillards store card and it did post on my credit report. Transunion only one I know of right now but sure it posted to all 3. I don't known point increase yet but since its my very first revolving to add to several installment loans, I hope and pray it a large increase. I have about 11 installment accounts which only 3 are still open. The others are paid as agreed. One is 55l left on a 62k auto loan. If any ideas feel free to give them. Also the CC has a 900 dollar CL and only 168 dollar balance.

Thank you for ur time
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Re: Dillards AU did report

Sounds good.  Keep cleaning on that report!

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