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Direct Tv Collection

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Direct Tv Collection

The Costco or Bj's (I can't remember)  Direct Tv rep lied to me about the length of the contract and I didnt read the small print. When we moved out of state we got a $500 early cancellation fee. I refuse to pay it. I haven't paid it in two years. A new collection company must have bought the debt because it's on my credit.


Anything I can do to get it removed?

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Re: Direct Tv Collection

Alleging a fraudulent contract places the resolution under the purview of the courts.

You can always sue the creditor, asserting that the cancellation fee was based on a false representation by the business.


I would recommend an initial consultation with an attorney, as the asserted delinquent debt is apparently not in violation of your actual contract, and will require concurrence by the court of some misdeed on their part in order to void.

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