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Direct dispute

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Re: Direct dispute

You can always dispute the accuracy of any information in your credit file via a dispute to the CRA.


How it is resolved depends upon what is disputed, and whether it can be corrected of verified.

Deletion of inaccurate information is required if only if it cannot be verified as accurate as reported or corrected so as to overcom an inaccuracy.


What is required to be verified, corrected, or deleted extends only to the information disputed.

Contesting the dater of a delinquency or the DOFD is not basis for compelling deletion of the entire account reporting.

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Re: Direct dispute

Thank you for the information.  This is very helpful. 

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Re: Direct dispute

I have a baddie is old and I believe that the DOFD has incorrectly reported to the CRAs.  I would like force the CA to verify the DOFD with OC.  Is the 623 validation letter the proper way to proceed?  They have disregard a DV in the past.  

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Re: Direct dispute

Thank you for this post. I'm going to try your suggestion and hopefully it works for me. Smiley Happy

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Re: Direct dispute



Credit repair organizations cannot represent clients in filing of direct disputes.  They are specifically exempted under FCRA 623(a)(8).


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Re: Direct dispute

Hello, thanks for the great info on this thread!!


Shogun, Can you answer me a few questions?


  (how the reporting was inaccurate;    was any reporting in violation of any statutory or  regulatory provisions?  account or express agreements?  CRA reporting gudelines?  Account not yours? etc.)


Can you explain what the bolded underlined means?



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Re: Direct dispute

It refers to the FCRA or any state versions thereof.

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Re: Direct dispute

RobertEG: thank you

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