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Direct email to someone at Cap 1 regarding my GW letter?

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Direct email to someone at Cap 1 regarding my GW letter?

Can anyone provide me with the direct email to someone at Cap 1 regarding my GW letter?

Trying to get a baddie removed and ive read on here that people have the backdoor direct email address that i could send this through. If any of you have it and would like to share it with a brother in need i appreciate that a thousand times

thanks !

Re: Direct email to someone at Cap 1 regarding my GW letter?

It cannot be published on the forums but this should help you.


Cap 1 EO E-mail Contact Info

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Re: Direct email to someone at Cap 1 regarding my GW letter?

Google is your friend

Find some people that work for cap1 on linked in... find the email schema... i.e. firstname.lastname or whatever it is... if that is what it is...

Google CEOs name... and email that... that normally does the trick

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