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Directv Point of Contact / Phone # / Address ?

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Directv Point of Contact / Phone # / Address ?

I'm trying to buy a  house, and a few months before Directv slapped an old bill that I thought was taken care of or paid but it wasnt. The bill is like 5 years old as I've moved quite a bit for jobs so they likely couldnt get in touch with me. Now I'm dealing with illness and dr bills so I dont need the Directv issue on my credit also. So now I'm trying to get a POC to speak to and offer a payment arrangement in exchange for credit bureau withdrawal.


Does anyone know of anyone I can speak to? Or a dept that can help me?

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Re: Directv Point of Contact / Phone # / Address ?

I would suggest you contact the CEO

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Re: Directv Point of Contact / Phone # / Address ?

Thanks! I have spents HOURS looking for poc's to contact with very little results. I'm more than willing to pay as I wish they had located me before plopping the bill on my credit report. I just wanted it paid and NOT on the report. Now I need it gone. 

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