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Discover Secured Graduation- 6th statement

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Discover Secured Graduation- 6th statement

Good Morning!

Woke up to a pleasant surprise. Logged into my account and saw credit limit raised from $400 (self funded) to $2,000. Used their instant messaging feature to ask if my card unsecured. Got a playful response back from the rep and then the rep said “ your card graduated on the first review of your account.” Etc etc. rep did mention the review included use of all credit accounts.

I was not expecting this as the website I thought said starting 7th or 8th statement. They even said they mailed deposit check back already! It might have been due to heavy use of the card and paying In full. To be honest I would say reporting balance for statement half the time was under 10% and probably the other half around 75% didn’t really focus on that. Never paid interest. Made multiple payments throughout the month and always paid my statement balance within a day or two of the statement cutting. If there are other data points people want let me know, happy to provide. I am very impressed with Discover so far! Seem to reward loyalty.
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Re: Discover Secured Graduation- 6th statement

Some additional info that might be relevant. Initial secured line was $200. About 3 weeks ago I added $200 to increase line to $400. Reading the forum I see a lot of commonality that people who added to their secured line from the initial number got unsecured quicker than those who just kept original amount. Maybe it’s a factor shows “loyalty” to discover or a willingness to grow witg discover.
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Re: Discover Secured Graduation- 6th statement

Congrats!! Nice job!!👍👍

It’s an awesome card!!


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Re: Discover Secured Graduation- 6th statement

Congrats. My 6th statement got and tried for the unsecure but told to wait a month. Awesome on your end
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Re: Discover Secured Graduation- 6th statement

Congrats! 🎉👏🎊
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Re: Discover Secured Graduation- 6th statement

Thanks all! I tried CLI and said not approved. Prob because I just got $1600 increase.
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Re: Discover Secured Graduation- 6th statement

Congratulations on your card graduating!

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