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Discover Student Loans - Is my payment late?

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Discover Student Loans - Is my payment late?

I want to make sure I understand my situation correctly. I've been in my student loan since graduating in 2015. My payments are always due on the 25th of every month. I always make it a priority to pay way early around the 5-10th of every month and I've never been late since. My last payment was May 07th. I ran into some other financial matters that I needed to take care of and told myself I'd deferr my payment a week or so. 


Well... I forgot to pay until today, June 29th! It's been over 30days since my last payment in May. Is this going to be a hit on my credit report? Or should I be okay since I was only 5 days past the June 25th statment due date? 


In summary my May statment was paid to $0 due on the 7th, my next payment was over 30 days later on June 29th paid again to $0 due for the month. 

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Re: Discover Student Loans - Is my payment late?

No. If your payment was due on the 25th and you paid today, you were only 4 days late past the due date. For a 30-day late to be reported to the bureaus, you must be 30 days or more past the due date (it's not based on the actual date of your last payment).

You may incur a late fee, but, if I'm understanding your post correctly, no late payment should appear on your credit reports.
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Re: Discover Student Loans - Is my payment late?

30 days late = 30 days past your due date.  

CR won't be affected but your accounts, fees, etc may be.



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