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Discover prequal went wrong?


Discover prequal went wrong?

Checked the Discover prequal site this morning, received  prequalified notice for both It and Chrome, zero interest for nine months, I think, then APR at 23.99.  Thought that was too high hence my SL would be too low if I applied for it.  Anyway, earlier, just checked it again, filled the prequal form and the offer has disappeared, instead, I now see the secured card offer.  Has this happened to anyone before?  I wasn't interested in it at that APR anyway but just want to double check the rate again to make sure the if it's a single APR or a large range, but oh well, just have to wait several more months to age my recent accounts.   

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Re: Discover prequal went wrong?

Something might have changed in your credit profile that they didn't like, so they are offering the secured card instead. APR has nothing to do with initial SL unless the card is specifically advertised for low apr. And if you're rebuilding, apr is irrelevant because you shouldn't be carrying a balance if you want to maximize your FICO scores. I'd wait a few weeks and try the site again. 

Last HP 09-14-2020

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