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Dismissed Chapter 13 help

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Dismissed Chapter 13 help


I have about 45k in cc debt, all accounts were closed as I filed for Chapter 13. My 13 got dismissed before it got discharged - it was about a 3 month process. What is going to happen now, wondering if all my cards will go to collections or charge off. should I try and make arrangements? Credit score is already in the tubes..


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Re: Dismissed Chapter 13 help

Why was it dismissed?

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Re: Dismissed Chapter 13 help

If the debts are still with original creditors, you can try to call them and set up payment plans.  If you have large amounts owed with certain creditors, understand that they make take you to court to try and collect their money (wage garnishments, etc).  Often, if you try to make arrangements with them, they will try to work with you.  They may even be willing to settle for a smaller amount then what you actually owe.  They would rather get some money back from you than nothing at all.

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Re: Dismissed Chapter 13 help

I'm guessing you filed "pro se". A really high percentage of pro se bankruptcies are dismissed and filing 13 pro se almost guarantees it because there is so much follow up you have to do with 13 that it requires almost daily emails, letters to creditors the court and trustees.


Even a dismissed BK stays on your credit report. Since you are stuck with it you might as well try to get the benefits. Meet with a lawyer (a different one if you have one already). Try to re-file asap (this is allowed). You are in the worse of two situations. Your credit is hit with a boat anchor and you still owe the money. Good luck.


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Re: Dismissed Chapter 13 help

I had a Ch. 13 dismissed in 12/2016 because I could not keep up with mortgage payments plus debt payments. I just checked my Experian,  of 11 accounts IIB only 3 went to collections. 2 others report "closed, derogatory". The rest report "closed, current $0 balance" I guess those just gave up or don't care.

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Re: Dismissed Chapter 13 help

Or those collections agencies for the ones marked 'closed, current $0 balance' just haven't contacted you yet.  You may still have a collection show up out the blue one of these days for those 'closed' accounts.  I wouldn't totally write them off as forgiven debts yet.

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