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Dispute question

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Dispute question

Hello everybody, I’m new to the forum world I just had a question regarding disputes. I’m trying to get an account removed from my report. The account is behind and it’s reporting two different dates as last payment. 30 days off to be exact. Does that warrant a dispute since the creditor isn’t reporting accurately?
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Re: Dispute question

Yes, but it is more likely that they will just fix the error rather than remove it. I think removals from disputes only happen if the account is already paid off and closed, and the CA doesn't feel like spending the required time to fix it.


Someone with more knowledge may be able to chime in here, though.

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Re: Dispute question

"If its behind". Then its late. Trying to understand what you mean by dispute. You state its behind so theres nothing to dispute. Doesnt really matter when it was late. If your trying to get an account removed. You'd have more success by contacting the OC and ask for the late to be removed by the GW Saturation Technique found on the site.

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Re: Dispute question

If you are assuming that any showing of inaccuracy in reporting will mandate the removal of the entire account, that is not the requirement of the FCRA dispute process.   The goal of the process is to get inaccurate information either corrected or removed, but not to then impose an additional penalty or requiring the removal of other accurate information.


FCRA 611 limits a dispute to the accuracy or completeness of the specific information that is identified in the dispute, and only compels deletion if the disputed information cannot either be verified or corrected.  Even if deletion is then required, it extends only to the information that was not verified or corrected, and does not extend to other accurate information or to the entire account.


Disputing a date of last payment will either result in the creditor verifying the date reported, or correction or deletion of that specific item.

It will not require deletion of the entire account or of derogs reported under the account unless those are separately disputed.

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Re: Dispute question

That answered my question, thank you so much!
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