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“Dispute resolved: reported by grantor”

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“Dispute resolved: reported by grantor”

I’ve started on my journey to credit repair. I recently disputed a late payment from four years ago on a Capital One account( via dispute letter to Cap One) that is not accurate. I have received zero correspondence from Cap One in regards to the dispute, but I logged into CK today and saw “dispute resolved: reported by credit grantor” notated. Anyone have any idea what this means or if you’ve had something similar and what the outcome was? I’ve seen differing outcomes when I searched for it online. Any help is greatly appreciated! Smiley Happy
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Re: “Dispute resolved: reported by grantor”

Well if your score went up. It was successful. That is if you have no other lates. Click on the account on CK and see if the red x is turned green for that month..

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