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Disputes and FIco Scores


Disputes and FIco Scores

Last month I recieved an Alert thru My Fico my Score drop from 806 to 748. The reason being a 6 yr old collection from Sun Trust bank.  I was a victim of fraud many years ago, I contacted Sun Trust and they told me the account was a checking account applied for at a branch in Tennessee, I have never step foot in Tennessee, much less open a bank account.. Two weeks ago I contacted the Big 3, and i did what they said. I filed a police report , filed a FTC Id theft complaint. I sent everything to the Big 3, today I get another update from EQ from My Fico , stating my score has now droped to 678. Because im disputing this False account. So my EQ score has went from 806-678, all over this one account. When this matter is resolved wiil my scores go back to the original scrores before this mess. And nothing else has changed on my reports, I PIF every month and leave a balance between 5-10% on one account. Thanks

CC: Amex Green ( NPSL) Amex BCE ( 38.1 K ) US Bank Sig Cash ( 20K ) Pen Fed (42K) Chase Freedom ( 7.5K) Discover More (22K ) Cap 1 QSilver (10K) Barclays Rewards (9K) Care Credit (5.5k) Sears (12K) JC Pennys (6K) Dell (15K) Key Bank (19k ) Key Bank (16K) FFO (7.5 K) Shell ( 600) OCCU ( 20K ) City TY (10.5K) CSP (17.5k) Regions ( 18K )Simmons (15K) Regions BLOC (125K) Fuel Rewards MC(10K )Amex Hilton ( 23k)

TU ( MFICO 5/11/14) 812
EQ ( MFICO 5/11/14) 790
EX ( MFICO 5/11/14) 805

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Re: Disputes and FIco Scores

Yes, it should shoot back up. 

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