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Disputing Collections?

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Disputing Collections?

Ok so maybe I'm being a little impatient but I have a PFD letter, and a reciept saying my collection is paid in full. I know it's only been 2 weeks but I'm starting to get a little voice on my shoulder going "what if they don't hold up their end"

Is it worth it to attempt to dispute with the credit bureaus or do I just sit on my hands?
I'm trying to buy a house in the next 3 years but waiting for a better score is so hard!

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Re: Disputing Collections?

CRA policy, as clearly stated in their common credit reporting manual, instructs debt collectors not to delete their reported collection based on payment of the debt.

A dispute on the basis that the debt collector has failed to delete based on a PFD agreement is asking the CRA to delete for a reason contrary their own established reporting policy.


The debt collector, if they agreed to a PFD, is under a contract agreement with you.

Remedy is bringing a breach of contract action based on your agreement prior to paying.

Debt collectors are not likely to actually go to court and attempt to defend a breach of contract action if they have agreed to a PFD.


I would give them at least two months to process the payment and make their own voluntary deletion before proceeding to threat of civil action.

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Re: Disputing Collections?

As @RobertEG states I would wait for the Collection Agency to do what they promised.

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