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Disputing Hard inquiries?

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Disputing Hard inquiries?

We've been trying to clean up our credit the last year and so far, our scores have come up considerably... we're trying to trade in out Kia sportage that we bought in April for a few reasons.

Experian said I had to call each company directly...

One roadblock we've hit with it is the number of inquiries from when we bought our soul In January and then traded it In for the sportage in April. Collectively, there's 19 total from the dealership we went to and they're they ONLY dealership that operates this way... and unfortunately, some of our denials have been because "too many inquiries in the last 12 months".

I know that multiple inquiries GENERALLY, count as one in a short period of time.... But it doesn't seem to be the case with this since we should only have 7 total, including the inquiries for cards my fiance has been approved for that are used and in good standing. And the time span for all inquiries would be from May 2019 all the way back to October 2018.... is there any way to dispute the peppering of credit checks that they did? All other dealerships we've spoken to have said they only ever pull one and they shouldn't have done that!
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Re: Disputing Hard inquiries?

I serious doubt you will get them removed Smiley Sad Although scoring purposes they are generally grouped together , however when potential creditors pull your reports it just looks like alot of inquires,  which doesn't seem fair, but that's how it goes. 


As far as the other dealer saying they only pull one, they are full of crap 😕

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Re: Disputing Hard inquiries?

For things like auto and home, all inquiries in a 14-30 day period, depending on scoring model, will ding you only once. Those inquiries all show on your report for 2 years, however. If denied for inquiries by the computer, a recon can usually overturn it. But, you're out of luck with fully automated systems like the ones cap1 and discover use.

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Re: Disputing Hard inquiries?

As with above - it's super hard (nearly impossible) to get HPs removed.   
Disputing won't help.

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Re: Disputing Hard inquiries?

I haven't had success getting one that was from an obvious ID fraud off my credit report. It was a lot of time wasted for me and in the end the HP stayed.


Basically someone opened up a Verizon phone account under my name. I called Verizon, they figured out it was fraud and they told me the HP would get removed within 90 days. 90 Days passed and nothing, called again and got the same run around. It's 2 months shy of 2 years, so I'm just waiting, but I agree with everyone else. I haven't seen HP get pulled removed. Sorry you're in that pickle.

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Re: Disputing Hard inquiries?

Are all of the inquiries from the same company?


When you call experian don't just say you have lots of inquiries, say you had your credit pulled by the same company multiple times for one transaction and would like all but one pull over a 30 day span removed.


Keep calling each day speaking to different reps until you get them removed. If the hard inquiries show as different companies you'll never get them off. Don't act as though you want ALL your inquiries removed just that you want your account to reflect the actual transaction. Experian can remove inquiries without contacting the company if you get the right rep. I did it this past week. 

With auto financing if they are doing hard pulls to apply for financing through a unique financial institution with each pull then you are most likely stuck with them...My gut feeling is the right experian rep will help you get a few knocked off if the pulls all show from the same company.

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Re: Disputing Hard inquiries?

Openwater, same here. I caught an in process fraud cell phone purchase and was able to stop it. Several calls later and many promises later, the inquiries still remain. Also Verizon. Their fraud dept is something else. I was also told 90 days. At 120 now and have given up.

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Re: Disputing Hard inquiries?

Would it be worth it to put a personal statement on our reports explaining why there's so many inquiries? Or do lenders ignore those completely?
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Re: Disputing Hard inquiries?

Theres really no way your going to get outa this no matter how hard you try. Dealers will pull to see mostly how much of a kick back they'll get from the lender more than what they can do for you. So they will keep trying until they find the one who will give them the best deal.  They dont always work in favor of the customer unlesss you always buy from 1 place many many times.

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Re: Disputing Hard inquiries?

You can reach out if it is one company via letter (preferred) to see if they will consolidate down your inquiries to one if they all came from the same place I believe as someone stated above.       So it is possible BUT if you go to Dealer A one week then Dealer B the next then C the next etc odds are they will not consolidate it down to one as it's to much shopping around and it looks like you are desperately searching.

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