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Disputing a CO

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Disputing a CO

Hello , 

Wanted to let you guys know I'm up almost 100 points since April. So I truly appreciate you guys for all the content that's in this forum. So I did PIF for a credit one account that was in collections & that account is off my one of my reports & I'm waiting for everything else to update later this week so I can see where my score is right now cause as of now only my Equifax one is showing that coming off which has my score at a 658. So I wanted to know what steps would I do to get that closed account off of my report or if I should just dispute it on the app & see if that helps. I also have an Acceptance Now one that I showing & it's fully paid off. They are both showing $0 balance. 

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Re: Disputing a CO

@Hinds1234 - Here is the problem even if the debt is paid they are not required to remove. Each CRA takes time to process requests, as such if they said they are deleting it I would simply allow time (up to 30 days) for the removal to be processed. And then if not I'd contact them back in regards to the promised deletion. However, I would not in any situation dispute a valid debt especially if the registered company has promised to delete the derogatory tradeline.

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Re: Disputing a CO

If they gave you a PFD then you would just wait for them to send the info to the CRAs to delete, if you did not get a PFD you would then begin a GW letter campaign to the reporting creditor once it updates to 0 balance.

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