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Disputing credit report items

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Re: Disputing credit report items

I suggest you bypass all of the CRA silliness entirely, and send a direct dispute to the furnisher.

Direct disputes additionally have the benefit of ensuring all of your supporting documentation is received by the furnisher.

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Re: Disputing credit report items

lionsfan20 wrote:

thanks but thats sort of not my question. If i buy all three credit reports from say I still dispute items or does it have to be directly off their sites.


IT wont let me access my credit report from myannualreport because I did it a few months ago so Id rather not purchase all 3 again. IF i can just buy a 3 in 1 deal

When you got your free report a few months ago, did you not save a copy, or set up login information?  You might could call them and tell them you don't know the report # - I bet they will give it to you.  Why pay?

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