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Disputing paid collections if denied PFD.

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Disputing paid collections if denied PFD.

Is this a viable option?


I've never done a dispute and am not sure how they work, I am just imagining that a paid collection account wouldn't be worth a collector responding to a dispute over.

If a dispute is filed and the collector doesn't respond is the tradeline deleted?

Unethical? Illegal? Anyone done this?

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Re: Disputing paid collections if denied PFD.

Welcome @BlindDog 

We only support disputing inaccurate info on a credit report. Disputing hoping to get it removed discussions isnt allowed. You can try. But if it comes back verified. It updates and there goes some points. Its considered new again. Roll the dice.

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Re: Disputing paid collections if denied PFD.

Illegal? No.

Unethical? Yes, because disputes are for fixing errors/inaccuracies. NOT accurate information that you hope to get deleted.

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