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Diversified Consultants, Sprint, Deleting a Paid collections account

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Re: Diversified Consultants, Sprint, Deleting a Paid collections account

I’m in the same boat. I paid the collection to dci and it’s only reporting to TU at this time. I called DCI and say had a canned saying of “we update it accordingly”. I hung up with them, and filed a dispute. It’s still pending, but it’s paid in full, and has fallen off other reports.. fingers crossed it falls off my last and I get that monkey off my back.
I’ll try to update when I hear word from them.

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Re: Diversified Consultants, Sprint, Deleting a Paid collections account

I was with sprint for a few years paid my bills I opened a extra line I brought the phone at a sprint store a flip phone $115 I asked no contract please and brought cash a simple flip phone never no issues until I decided to upgrade my line online and paid for the remaining 125 for my line to keep my current phone to swap on another line I had no upgrade that my son lost his phone and exhausted his replacement phone .. when I went to transfer swap phone the phone I brought out crashed and I returned my upgrade phone from online I wanted the money I paid to buy out sprint never returned it and posted it on payment and assured me to upgrade my sons line at the store they couldn’t help me with both upgrades on 2 lines my bill amount changed and I became stressed customer service was no help I was transfer over and over and reminded the amount I owe which the original balance was no more then $120 before upgrade left me with a balance of $558 I cancelled and changed phone company and paid and my sprint bill is even charging me for my mother line saying I broke a contract all these bull**bleep** stress and now a bill that went to collections I hate sprint they no help to resolve and want money and commitments to hang yourself
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Re: Diversified Consultants, Sprint, Deleting a Paid collections account



What wording did you use for CFPB against DCI?  I am in a sort of similar situation.  They are in the wrong, along with At&t digital life.  So many wrong things happened on their end before this happened that I am trying no to escalate to Attorneys but will if I have to.  I paid the We have 1 negative thing on our report which wouldn't be a big deal, but we are trying to qualify for a home loan that it is impacting us in a huge way.  I have recorded all convos with At&t and DCI.   I am just in awe of what a cluster &*(% At&t is after they aquired Directv but more scared at how much of a hold these communications companies and collection companies have on our lives.  There is no reprecussion for them in  their mistakes or the outcome of damage that it does to peoples lives.  We shouldn't have to pay their incorrect billing just to avoid being punished for 7 years from DCI.  If i had to charge AT&T for every 5 mins I spent on the phone disputing charges from all of their entities over the last 5 years, i would be a MILLIONAIRE. 


Any info would be appreciated from you or anyone else, even it is offline.  Thanks in advance.

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