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Do I treat the JDB as the OC?

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Do I treat the JDB as the OC?

I am doing a good job or racking up my posts today, but I am kicking my quest for better credit into high gear now.  I received a letter from Nelson, Watson, & Associates, who appears to be a CA (not an actual lawfirm--I believe the term pre-legal department has been used to describe them).  Anyway, it identifies the creditor as Pinnacle Credit Services and the Original Creditor as a utility company (I can't remember if the bill was paid or not).  In other words, it appears that a CA is representing a CA who is representing the OC.  Do I send a DV to NWA and Pinnacle?  Or, just to NWA and treat Pinnacle as the OC?
FYI...None of them are on my CR's.
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Re: Do I treat the JDB as the OC?

DV them both.
Pinnacle is also not licensed to collect in Louisiana. If your state requires them to be, I would check and see if they are. I DV'd them for an account on DI's reports and they were gone immediately.
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