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Does Receivables Management Partners do PFD?

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Does Receivables Management Partners do PFD?

I have a small debt with them ($51) but I am hesitant to contact them because they used to be called "Money Recovery Nationwide" and from what I could gather from searching the forum is that they are/were very nasty people to deal with not sure if anything has changed. I am still within SOL so I don't know if I should poke the sleeping bear or not, but this won't fall off until 2022 and I'd rather get it off my reports now rather than later. That would leave me with just one last collection from Portfolio Recovery which I hear does auto-PFD now, so if possible i'd like to wipe out my last 2 baddies this month, but I have no experience in dealing with MRN/RMP, so if anyone has any experience with them please let me know.


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Does Receivables Management Partners do PFD?

That is what is called a nuisance collection and its below 100 so Fico 8 dismisses it for calculations, just call ask if they will PFD it not just pay it off.

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