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Does a dispute reset SOL?

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Does a dispute reset SOL?

About two or three years ago I paid off a debt, and they agreed to remove it from my credit report. I have a letter from them saying they would completely remove the debt from all credit reporting agencies. I was not taking a proactive step at that time to actually make sure that they did what they said they would. The SOL is 6 years. If I dispute this, will it restart this? I don't want to lose the dispute over a technicality or something and then I restarted the clock on this.



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Re: Does a dispute reset SOL?

The SOL is the period of time in which a creditor can bring legal action against you for unpaid debt.

The CRTP ( credit reporting time period ) for negatives is 7 to 7.5 years from the DOFD of the original account.

Neither one of these could be reset by a dispute. Since your have a written letter from them stating that they were going to delete the account, I would follow up with them directly and get them to follow through.
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Re: Does a dispute reset SOL?

Be sure not to confuse SOL with CRTP. SOL is the time frame a creditor has to sue you for an unpaid debt. There is nothing you can do at this point to ever reset SOL because it is paid. SOL is over. The credit reporting time period (CRTP) is 7-7.5 years and assuming for a second that you were referring to that, a dispute will not reset the time clock on CRTP (or SOL if the debt was unpaid).


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