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Does "Date Reported" impact your score?


Does "Date Reported" impact your score?

I understand that it is a violation of FCRA for a creditor to continue to report regularly a debt discharged through BK.   I went over my report again and found just one - Target - that was discharged in 2006, still reporting monthly.  Although it says 0 balance, and status is discharged through BK, and the date of status is 5/2006.  However, under last reported, it says 9/2012.   


Does this have any impact on my score?  If it does, then I want to notify them that they are to cease and desist reporting this monthly.  If not, then I won't bother.

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Re: Does "Date Reported" impact your score?

Nope, just updated.  Nothing changes.  It doesn't matter when it's updated.

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Re: Does "Date Reported" impact your score?

Okay, thanks!  I won't bother it then.

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