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Does this "trick" work with CA's?

Does this "trick" work with CA's?

Opt Out old addresses on the CRA's, then dispute the address with the CA and they have to delete it?  I found this post below and wanted to know the validity.


"You are asking the CRAs ( credit reporting agencies) to delete old or incorrect addresses. This helps in disputing because if your old address isn't on your reports the reporting CA can not "match" the entry and the account is easily deleted."

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Re: Does this "trick" work with CA's?

No, probably not.


Many times the CRAs won't delete old addresses because it was reported by a creditor. 



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Re: Does this "trick" work with CA's?

Maybe with TU & EQ but certainly not with EX. YMMV.  At the very least, try and deal with the CA through validation / direct dispute means.

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Re: Does this "trick" work with CA's?

Thank you for your responses.


I did not see it was a popular approach on this forum, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.


 I am getting very confused on how many ca's I really have... I know I have one, it is a medical CA and see the HIPAA approach was used in the past but now it's best to use the PDF approach, this true?


EX does not show DOFD but says Date Opened: 03/2011, EQ says DOFD 11/2010, TU says Estimated month and year that this item will be removed: 10/2017.  I am scared to stir this one up, it's not that much $195, but I am not sure whether it is close to the SOL (3 years in Alabama?).


Should I start a new post or ask here if someone can help me follow my Best Buy CC mess?  Getting confused on my CA's and CO's!  Not just Best Buy Smiley Sad  None of my reports seem to match (to me that is).  Should I copy and paste all of the OC and CA info for Best Buy?

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Re: Does this "trick" work with CA's?

Nope, won't work.  Plus all they have to do is update and it throws the old address right back on your CR.  Opting out does not prevent a CA from pulling your CR or from posting to it.

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