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Ok, so I have Pinnacle on my CRs, EQ says DOFD is 03/07, EX says set to stay on record until 12/13, TU says removed 2/14 Why would it fall off EX earlier than 7 yrs?  

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Re: Dofd?

Maybe DOFD is mis-reported to EX? Look in your own records to be sure. I definitely wouldn't fight them if in your favor.

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Re: Dofd?

Exclusion of any information from your credit report based on expiration of the pertinent credit report exclusion period is set forth in section 605(a) and (c) as a maximum date. Nothing precludes a CRA from excluding prior to that max permissible date.   Earlier exclusion ensures they wont violate the statute.  Thus, it can vary between CRAs.

Exclusion by one does not mandate exclusion by all.


When a CRA gives you an estimated exclusion date, the obvious problem is that the consumer does not know whether the difference is based on a different DOFD reported to them, or on a reduced exclusion period of their discretion.


If the reported DOFD is 3/07, the maximum statutory exclusion date would be 9/14 (7yrs + 180 days from reported DOFD) for any collection or charge-off.

If it passes that date, the CRA has a statutory violation of FCRA 605(c) if they issue any CR after that date that still includes that information.

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Re: Dofd?

I'm not sure. My records are gone of this account entirely (dumb). I was all of 18 or 19yrs old at the time, but I know it was sometime in 06 I stopped paying. I did this to all my CCs at the time (3 of them) I;m trying to PFD, but want to see if I have some leverage if past SOL

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