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Dreaded First Premier

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Dreaded First Premier

I have been dealing with First Premier well over a year, off and on but of course they will NOT give in to a PFD. I just want them to be totally GONE. I have emailed, called, and snail mailed the. I am even willing to pay the bill in FULL just to get rid of them. Does anyone have ANY type of contact rep for them that they were successful with?This account seems impossible to deal with.

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Re: Dreaded First Premier

I also have 2 charge offs from FP from 2008 and I have tried everything with them including PFD, GW after payment, filed BBB success and these 2 are the only bagddies left on my report. I always get the same form letter response claiming that they are reporting accurately and will not delete accurate info.


They seem to hold to their strict policy of not deleting "accurate info".  I have only been able to find 2 or 3 people who have been succesful in having FP delete and it seems that in their cases it was just luck.


One sent them a 623 dispute letter and they responded with "we have determined that these accounts do not belong to you and will be deleted. The other person that seems to have had a deletion sent an Intent to Sue letter and that seemed to work even though they did not seem to have grounds to sue.


On my 2 charge offs they are reporting the lates before the charge off inaccuratly so I am trying to get them to update the info accurately with the the hope that if they do not update correctly I can get a deletion.


The chances of having FP delete seem very slim but certainly not impossible. Since PFD or GW dont work with them, I would suggest looking carefully at how they are reporting to the 3 CRA and see if you can find any innacuracies in their reporting.


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Re: Dreaded First Premier

I just think it crazy that they won't do PFD for people. It would seem more sensible for them to want the money as opposed to wanting to keep a negative marking on someone's credit report. I'm not even sure who the collection is with at this point but I know it is not First Premier.

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Re: Dreaded First Premier



Why do you say it's not First Premier? I have two Charge offs with them that I am going to offer a PFD. Do you think they will accept?

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Re: Dreaded First Premier

They told me I had to contact some CA but I can't recall the name. They (First Premier) wouldn't even let me make a payment.
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