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Drop in only middle credit score

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Drop in only middle credit score

I have been trying to get approved for a home mortgage.  My middle credit score has dropped 16 points in the past month with no changes but inquires to the report.  All of the inquires also show on my 2 other reports but they have remained the same.  Is there any logical reason for this to happen? 

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Re: Drop in only middle credit score

Are your before and after scores from the same source (e.g. same lender)? Or did the scores come from different lenders?


What about your other two FICOs? Did those change?


How far apart were the FICOs pulled? Days? Weeks? Months?


Were all of the inquiries mortgage inquiries?

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Re: Drop in only middle credit score

The score that dropped and the current score were pulled by the same lender 32 days apart.  The middle credit and low credit score had no change.  I have contacted Transunion which was unable to answer any questions, I then paid for a Fico score and that showed 3 points less on my Transunion score.  All the pulls were for mortgage purposes although the one that showed on Transunion coded as Z for misc. business because it was the company name and not CBCinovis like the other 2.  However, transunion stated that that was not how it they showed it reporting.  I have multiple pulls from one mortgage manager since sept 12.  He insisted we pull almost every month since Jan 13 and stated it should happen more then 30 days apart.  I have been approved for a loan but the difference in scores is costing me and I found an error in the reports that showed me paying $1100 for something the seller should have been paying and now I have a credit drop that no one seems to understand why.

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