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EE Experian BK13 - Advice

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EE Experian BK13 - Advice

In research I've found various results, so I'd like to ask your advice.  I filed BK13 on July 6th, 2016 and have since been discharged as of July 2021.  I was successful in removing BK13 from TU 6mos early and now I'm entering the 3mos EE windows for EX.

  • Should I call EX and (Kindly Request) for an EE?
  • Should I instead dispute online for an EE (just like TU)?
  • Should I sit and wait for the aka "baked-in 60day" to fall off from EX?

Your thoughts, advice, experience - all welcomed.

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Re: EE Experian BK13 - Advice

I would imagine either way should be good, but for what it's worth, I had good results doing a dispute online with them regarding a bogus 30 day late. Best of luck and congrats!

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