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EE TU Success - Online Dispute

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EE TU Success - Online Dispute

Happy New Year!


I rolled the dice today 01/01/22 0900hrs PST and submitted an online TU dispute via the their dispute center for an Early Exclusion (EE). TU EE instant/automated sucess on first day of 6 months!


Hopefully this helps someone in the future Smiley Happy


Account Information from TU report:

  • Adverse Account
  • "Estimated month and year that this item will be removed: 07/2022" - from TU credit report

As of 01/01/2022 this workflow works:

  • Navigate to TU dispute Center
  • Chose the Adverse Account — (I had other things I wanted to dispute ex: incorrect work name, but I was already tense so I decided to keep the EE in it's own dispute and wait the additional 24hrs per dispute)
  • Chosen reason - "Item is too old to be on my credit report/account"
  • Added Note - "Requesting Early Exclusion for this item, Thank you"
  • Submitted 01/01/22 @ 0900hrs PST
  • Recieved email 0902hrs PST Dispute Received
  • Recieved email 0902hrs PST Dispute Results Available
  • Refreshed/Checked the main page for results
  • Your Investigation Results - "INVESTIGATION RESULTS - DELETED: The disputed item(s) was removed from your credit report."



So now I just wait for EQ to naturally fall off as that's my last report showing something adverse. Have a Happy New Years myFICO Familia!

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Re: EE TU Success - Online Dispute

Nice! Good way to start the year.

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Re: EE TU Success - Online Dispute

Booyah! Congrats @TheFIGuy 

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Re: EE TU Success - Online Dispute

Congrats, I tried the tu and too complicated for my small brain so went through credit karma instead

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Re: EE TU Success - Online Dispute

I literally just followed your steps and my two baddies were immediately removed! One was scheduled to fall off on 3/2022 and the other 6/2022. 

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Re: EE TU Success - Online Dispute

Congrats on your success!

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