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First I want to say thanks a lot to this forum. This has become such a great source of information as I rebuild my credit.
I have a couple of questions.
I have been disputing things on my credit. EOS/CCA had dropped off and a few days ago I received an alert from my fico that it had been placed back. Lost 10 points:-(
The other strange thing is that apparently about the same time they sent a letter to an address I lived at almost 7 yrs ago offering a settlement.
My question is is it possible for them to pfd if I pay the settlement or will they want the whole amount to pfd - if even they will.
I have seen people that worked with them on this forum. Could you kindly send me any contacts or any useful info for them.
I have a few other accts I am working on and would like to take care settling would save money, but ultimately I want the option that will give me a score increase soon.
Btw this was an AT&T acct that was $1140 and is now reporting as 1400.
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A collection from them posted to my credit report this weekend as well, if anyone comes in with contact info please send it to me as well thanks. My collection is also from AT&T it was originally with AFNI then AFNI just disappeared form my credit report so I thought I was in the clear for a while on this. Yeah right. Sorry I didn't have anything helpful to add.


Oh, from what I've read on them so far, they are a sticky collection agency that is hard to get the delete from and won't do PDF in writing, and only sometimes follow through on their end of the bargain on PDF negotiated over the phone.  Sucks but good luck

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