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I hope you still have the information because they are saying my husband owes over $6000. This is a lie and it's killing his credit. Will you please send me the info?
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also needing the email contact, and should i email them a pfd letter?

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could you PM me the info as well.

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Hello group!!! I read this whole thread from page 1 to 22 in efforts to insure I missed not a piece if info regarding this EOS ppl... They are claiming I owe almost 1800 on an ATT acct which is absurd! Can n e one PM the contact information to get this entry erased... It would b greatly appreciated
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Can you pm me the info as well? Been having a horrible time with EOS.

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I just received a letter from EOS CCA showing the original creditor to be; US ASSET MANAGEMENT INC: AT&T MOBILITY. The letter advises that it is a notice of collection, however, I have never had AT&T service. I am not sure what this is about, however, I noticed that you guys have managed to have them remove similar accounts to this one from their system. Can you please advise me of the steps I need  to take to do so.


Thank you in advance,


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All of you requesting the email information , please go ahead and file a BBB complaint following the steps below. This is just a copy of my original post 2 years back and I am not sure what the success rate these days with a BBB complaint... I got a response and a credit report delete within a week. File a dispute with Equifax and Transunion and most likely it will drop off.. Experian won't and most likely BBB complaint will take care of that



1. Go to to start the complaint.


2. In the nature of the complaint, choose Business Product or Service.

3. Look up EOS/CCA and select the MA address.


4. In the BBB Complaint Form Qualification Questions... Select No to each of the 10 questions.


5. Fill up your Personal Information.  In the Business Information Select Yes to both " Is this the correct address?" and "Is this the same as purchase location"


6. In the "Tell us about your complaint" , Primary Nature of the complaint should be "The company has unethical collection practices". Desired Settlement should be "Other". Desired Outcome should be " Delete all above referenced account from the credit reports"


7. In the Additional Complaint Details. Put the date Purchased as the date when the problem surfaced (thats what I did ). Date of First Issue as the same date when the problem surfaced. Also Select Yes to " Have you contacted the business". Put EOS/CCA for Who did you complain to. Put a date for "Dates Complained". Put the dispute amount and also specify "High Speed Internet or Cable Bill or Phone Bill" as Service Purchased. Rest of the fields do not have to be filled. 


8. Submit.


Please note I did not send them a Debt Validation Letter, yet I put in this form that I complained to EOS/CCA prior to contacting them. For me the problem surfaced in May 2012. So in the Additional Complaint Details Page, I specified that I complained to EOS/CCA in june and never got a response for the Debt Validation Letter and so they are to delete the accounts from the credit report as it is in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Btw, I made the BBB complaint earlier this month.



Hope this helps.

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I have just begun to rebuild my credit after many poor choices when I was younger. I have an outstanding cell phone bill that was owed to ATT and is being collected by EOS CCA. The original ammount is around $2,800. and they agreed to settle for around half ($1,400). 


I will pay it off in 3 payments and I have the settlement offer in writing. I made them fax it before I would make a payment.


I am looking for any advice on my situation. I have read a lot of negative reveiws about this collection company.


Thanks in advance!

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Could you send me the email info for EOS. I am showing a AT&T bill on my credit report that isn't mine. Have never had. Trying to get removed. Help please. Need it handled quickly.
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