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mizmagic wrote:

I recieved a response today:


"After a thorough search of our computer system, we are unable to locate the matter using the name provided in the complaint. Please provide any further information that may be relevant, such as EOS/CCA number or client reference number, so we can get this matter resolved. If you have any questions or concerns, please contct my office at xxx-xxx-xxxx extension xxxxx."


Are they trying to play a jedi-mindtrick on me? What does this mean? Should I call or leave it alone and wait to see what happens?

Maybe you can email them a screen shot of that specific part of your credit file, with the partial numbers and what not.. They can easily search harder.. that just want you to provide the work haha


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Thanks Scott, I did just that and will wait to see what happens. If they still can't verify, I was advised to direct dispute the item.

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Scott can you please PM me contact info for EOS-CCA


Thanks in Advance

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Thank you so much Scott It worked. Got my letter today. 11 days and 2 bad marks gone or about to be.

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Called them and offered PFD. Rep said they would send me a letter that I would forward to CRA's and they would then delete. I said that wasn't going to work. Ishe said she was going to make a note that I refused to pay. I didn't refuse to pay I offered to PFD. I did this prior to having your contacts. I emailed them on last Thursday asking for verification. If they verify what's my next step? TIA
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I'm currently dealing with these guys myself. Mailed a PFD VIA certified mail and didn't get a response. I called and asked for a supervisor and this guy named Chris informed me that due to the FCRA no one in their office was able to authorize a PFD. What should I do now?


Scott can you provide me with a good cantact to EOS CCA?

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NewBlood, MDotWhite:


Since they did not honor your request for  a PFD, I would go for a BBB complaint requesting a delete. I got my response within 1 business day. Look up couple of posts above this for the BBB complaint link.  My complaint through BBB basically was " I sent a debt validation letter and I did not get a response. So I am requesting a delete as EOS/CCA is in violation of Fair Debt Collection Practices Act by not sending me an initial letter with the 1. the amount of the debt. 2.the name of the creditor to whom the debt is owed.I am not sure of my account number with Century Link or EOS/CCA, as I have never heard from them regarding this account. The account number (#XXXX XXXX) I have is the one listed on my Experian credit report. Since they did not validate my request, I want this collection item of 74$ on all the three credit agency reports deleted with immediate effect."


This should do the trick in my mind before you send the e-mails from Scott. I had success as recently as Monday of this week.  Sending it through BBB is powerful as someone is representing you and they do have to respond unlike individual e-mails.


Ofcourse I defer to Scott and his e-mails as it has done the trick time and again.



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Thanks for the helpful information. Will do that now.

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Can I get that info?


I am having some issues as well.  I am trying to buy a house and last minute something showed up on my report that was over 6 years old.  I called and was told that this was on there because they needed to collect.  I told them I would pay and they said that if I paid 400.00 it would be taken off my report.  the total was 617 which would have left a balance of 216.  The guy I spoke with said he was a manager and that it would not affect us if we paid.


now a few days later it hits us again and dropped my wife's score 100pts.  They told us it was done, they said they would send us a paid in full slip in the mail.  When I called I insisted they pull the tapes and listen to what was said- that is when they said the guy no longer worked for the company.  We are well below where we need to be to buy a house now and all because of this bull**bleep**.  can someone give me insight as to what I should do?  can someone give me some numers of someone that I can actually talk to?  I am so frustrated and feel like I will lose the 20k down payment I put down as they build the house.


this is criminal and there must be a way to get this removed in a timely manner.  isnt the statute of limitations on cell phones 2 years? why are they coming after me just 6 months before it was supposed to fall off? and did I screw myself by making that payment to them?  I just didnt want this to happen and it looks like I am screwed.  PLEASE HELP!!!

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New to the forums. Specifically google EOS-CCA and pleasantly directed to this site.  What a wealth of information!  I, too, would like to have th. Direct contact information PM'd to me If possible.  Looking forward to sharing my results with you all.  

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