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EOS CCA SUCCESS!!!! 104 point increase!!!!

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Re: EOS CCA SUCCESS!!!! 104 point increase!!!!

I had a call from someone whom said that I had a debt owed from an ATT phone that my wife's ex husband took out like six years ago.  Last week we got a call from them that we owed money and said they would call it done for a payment of 400.00.  this came from someone whom said they were a manager.  


Long story short they took the 400 dollars and when they said it would be paid in full now have submitted back to the report that we still owe 217.00.  They said they would send us a paid in full form and that it would be taken care of.


We are trying to buy a house and this dropped her score almost 100pts which is now below the 620 needed.  We called back an told them to pull the tapes and listen to what the guy said and they told us a manager would call back-  No answer and now we cannot get through to anyone.


What do I do? Who do I call?  This needs to be resolved or I am not going to get to buy this house that I have already put 20k down on.  PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME FIGURE ALL THIS OUT... ANY POINTERS WOULD BE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.







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Re: EOS CCA SUCCESS!!!! 104 point increase!!!!

rckstrscott wrote:

jhalestorm wrote:

Pleae share your contact with me... i desperately need to get this taken care of asap... Please shoot me a PM ..

Check your PM! I got some solid contacts for you.



Can you PM those contacts to me as well?!  I just had this company place a file on my credit report and I called a number I found, but it went to an answering machine.


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Re: EOS CCA SUCCESS!!!! 104 point increase!!!!


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Re: EOS CCA SUCCESS!!!! 104 point increase!!!!

Can you please send me the contact information as well!!!   This company reported on my mom's credit report, but they have my name on the account with my mother's social.  I don't know how they got that information but they did.  They say that it is an old AT&T mobile account that was opened in 2002.  When I called AT&T today they pulled the account up by MY information and the lady told me that the account was discharged in my Bankruptcy in 2004.  But when I call EOS back and explain this to them they won't take it off.  NOw my mom's credit has this mark on it.  And also isn't it too old to try to collect on? And they can't collect on it once the bankruptcy went thru right?

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Re: EOS CCA SUCCESS!!!! 104 point increase!!!!

How did you go about having that done? I have 3 collection accounts I have paid off but still on my credit. Is it possible to have them erased? Help me OB WAN!
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Re: EOS CCA SUCCESS!!!! 104 point increase!!!!



Happy New Year.


Many thanks for your contributions here. I'm getting boned by a never-valid and ultimately once-removed AT&T entry in my CR that has resurfaced just last month. Problem is I am entering escrow and this AT&T entry - that I once got removed and have the letter from Equifax - is now on all 3 CR agencies thanks to EOS CCA.  As a result my interest rate shot up a bunch and I cannot of course get thru to EOS. I am close to running out of time and resultingly close to desperate.  


Question: will you pls PM me contact numbers or help re reaching EOS?  I sure appreciate it, man. 



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Re: EOS CCA SUCCESS!!!! 104 point increase!!!!

I am having same issues with this EOC CCA place.  This collection just started up and they calling my cell and I cant get anyone from there to return calls.  I have no idea about how this ATT mobility is still on there.  I had it taken care of over 10 years ago.  I paid them!

any contacts would be great!

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Re: EOS CCA SUCCESS!!!! 104 point increase!!!!

Can I get a POC or GW letter that you used I have an acct with them and I am getting no where


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Re: EOS CCA SUCCESS!!!! 104 point increase!!!!

Of Course similar situation that contact info would be great

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Re: EOS CCA SUCCESS!!!! 104 point increase!!!!

I have the same problem.

I pulled out my credit report and i saw that i have a collection from EOS CCA listed on my 3 credit report as "paid"

I paid it in June 2010 when i received a letter , i didnt know what was the letter for but got scared and paid it.

Apparently it's for a landline account i had with ATT , i moved and never received anything by the mail except this collection.

I REALLY need to take this off my credit history and really the people at EOS are non cooperative and talked like i was a dog : NO , CANT HAPPEN, CALL ATT , WE NOT REMOVING ANYTHING , ETC...



Thank you



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