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EOS_CCA help!!!


EOS_CCA help!!!

So i have been trying so hard to rebuild my credit and have been pretty succesful at reduce my UTI rate, obtaining new credit one at a time and making pyment on time. IM planing to apply for FHA loan at endof this year and my LO gave me the green light to do so. my EQ score is 650 (mid score). i just pulled my monthly report yesteday and discovered a colleciton for $43 from ATT with DOFDL 10/2010. this is when i moved out of my leased condo into a my rental now. my score took a plunge of 37 points. i immediately called EOS-CCA to try a PFD but they wont do it. can anyone with EOS-CCA experience help? please pm me info as well if you can. id really need to get this deleted from my report and regain my points.


They stated that if i pay in full,  they will update my account as closed, paid in full but that wont help regaining my score at all. FHA wont approve loan if i have collection or late in last 12 months. im so stressed out over a mere $43. im actually calling ATT right now to get it paid off and see what i can do with them.


Also, ive never received any kind of letter from EOS-CCA at all stating that i should pay the $43 charge. THey didnt have my address or couild pull me up in their system until i gave them my ssn#. please help!!!

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Re: EOS_CCA help!!!

Some updated info so you guys can help me better, AT&T allows me to pay them in full. Now issue is, should I pay AT&T and tell the CA to dv the debt (since I don't owe them anything)? Any insight is appreciated!
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Re: EOS_CCA help!!!

I'd pay AT&T (ASAP) and beg up the chain for goodwill. That advice could be wrong so it might make sense allowing someone more experienced to chime in. Smiley Happy

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Re: EOS_CCA help!!!

I had a similar situation with National Grid, where EOS was reporting.


I paid National Grid in full and waited for payment to update.  Then I sent a GW e-mail to EOS and they agreed to remove all reporting.

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Re: EOS_CCA help!!!

Thanks, I'll pay AT&T and good will eos, do you have an email address that I could send to? Thanks so much!
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Re: EOS_CCA help!!!

Your case where time is of the essence MIGHT be different, but NEVER give a CA your SSN.

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Re: EOS_CCA help!!!

If you pay the OC and then DV the debt collector, they can do several things.... none of which will compel deletion.

1. They can continue to conduct any collection activites, as the DV would most likely not be timely

2. They can ignore the DV, as the collection is already closed, and thus they have no need for further collection activity.

3.  They can verify by simply stating "We verify the debt is $0."

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Re: EOS_CCA help!!!

Roberteg, should I go ahead pay in full now and gw AT&T or eos later?
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Re: EOS_CCA help!!!

Itsrx1 wrote:
Roberteg, should I go ahead pay in full now and gw AT&T or eos later?

I would do neither... there have been many people here who have emailed EOS on their ATT accounts only to find out EOS-CCA no longer can collect this for ATT


I will PM you the email accounts, email them




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Re: EOS_CCA help!!!

Thank you
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