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EQ Score Increased 20 Points

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EQ Score Increased 20 Points

Hello All,


I've seen my first victory with trying to repair my creditBaby steps, I know, but something is better than nothingThere were judgments showing on my report - 1 on EQ and 3 on EXThese were all from an apartment complex that filed eviction if you were late on rent and then dismissed once you paidEven though all of these items were dismissed, they were still showing on my reportsAnyway, after disputing the judgments with the CRAs and providing copies of the dismissal orders from the court, I received an alert from Score Watch that my EQ score has increased by 20 points!!!  I haven't made it to my PO Box to see the actual report that they send back but I'm guessing they removed it from my report, hence the increase.


I know that this isn't a huge jump and I have a ways to go but I'm excited about itNow my EQ fico is sitting at 520


Next steps - I'm mailing pre-HIPAA letters tomorrow to the CRAs for 3 medical collections that are being reported.  I also disputed a few items that included incorrect informationAfter this, I have some PFDs to do for other collection accounts.


Wish me luckI turn 30 in July and would like to enter the next decade of my life with a decent credit score



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Re: EQ Score Increased 20 Points

Just want you to know how impressed I am of your determination. Keep working at it and the rewards will come. Good Luck!!
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