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Just wanted to give a heads up to anyone that has a collection account with Equidata. The last collection on my report was under them (OC was Forest Glen Cardiology - so medical). The CSR that I spoke to (Tammy) told me that any collection with them that's below $100 (Mine was for $32) gets automatically deleted once paid. This was after I told her that I'm about to apply for mortgage and just trying to clean up my reports. She told me to give it about 30 days and give her a call back if it's still on my report. She made it sound like standard protocol, so I didn't even bother asking for a letter. Again, this apparently only applies to accounts <$100, so you may have to work a bit harder for bigger amounts (I've seen PFD and GW success on other threads!).


Now I guess I'll just sit back and see what happens Smiley Happy

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After paying the $32 on 01/21, it finally dropped off of my EQ and EX! +6 on EQ! This is my first PFD to fall off. Having seriously hard time being patient. No kidding, I've even checked my report multiple times in a single day to see if anything changed, knowing that I just updated it that very morning and knowing that it only updates once a day.

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Grats on the deletion!!

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Rock on!

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Thanks! Enjoy the weekend! I think I might actually take a break from MyFico until Monday (morning) Smiley Happy

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